Wednesday, November 19, 2008


*Kombucha: Fermented tea, I thought "EEW", but its great. I like Synergy's Gingerberry. It has tons of probiotics and according to the bottle supports "digestion, metabolism, immune system, appetite control..." and lots more.

*The Office: This show always gets me through the week. Even though I end up recording it, I always watch it. I love it!

*Hair & Makeup Tutorials: I knew these were available on YouTube, but there are actually some really good ones! I really like itsjudytime, and superkawaiimama.

*Orchids: I just got TWO from ikea. I couldn't decide which to get and I am so happy to have them! They really light up my living room.

*Heartbeats by The Knife!: Seriously, I can't get enough! Why was I just now introduced to this song?! It came out in 2003! What else have I been missing out on? Please, let me know!

Things I love Thursday is all about focusing on all the great things we have instead of all the things we want or don't have. Its about gratitude and appreciation and thinking from a state of abundance rather than a state of lack. Thank you to Gala Darling for the lovely logo and starting the trend. What do you love this week? What inspires you?