Thursday, December 4, 2008


*Anticipation!!! Vacation is coming up, I'll be going to California to visit family and friends and I'm super excited! Also, my first quarter back at school is wrapping up, and while it was great to take the classes, it was a lot to be working on at once. I can't wait to be finished!!!

*Getting Organized: Dorky, but come on, how great does it feel to actually see what you have? I did my craft closet this weekend, and while I'm far from actually being totally organized at least I know what is there.

*Baking presents for far away friends: This weekend me and my friend Sarah are going to be whipping up amazing fatty care packages for the holidays. For once I may have things in the mail on time!

*Going out to eat: It's such a simple pleasure, but I really love it! Trying new restaurants and exploring other parts of town, or sticking with an old favorite, its just one of my favorite activities.

*Thinking about New Years Resolutions: I know no one ever keeps them, but I really enjoy the promise of a clean slate, starting over again. But why wait for new year's? Every day is technically a new year, an anniversary of that date one year ago. Why is January first the only day to make a change? I'm not sure what all of mine will be but I am certainly including financial goals, as well as job search related goals, and of course the ubiquitous fitness and diet goals. I'm also thinking about setting book reading goals, and home decoration goals.