Monday, March 23, 2009

Dare to walk

At first I said ... WTF!?!?!

Then I said ... kind of cool.

Then I said ... I want to try it on!

Saucy heel-less heels (which I keep typing as HELL -less... go figure) marked the runway at several shows. Who cares how you can walk in them...the fact is - you can. AND its not all that uncomf...

Something about them almost reminds me of medieval fashion - the torture aspect - I don't think so...I think its the re-inventing of the shoe shape.
Regardless. These heels are a new silhouette. I love that this is really new. Not 80s or 60s or 50s, but really new. I want these shoes and I wish they had springs in them for efficient running and post-apocalyptic exploration. How can you explore with a broken heel? No worries with these shoes....

WTF do you think?!! Tortourous shoes reminicient of ancient chinese foot-binding? Or something new? Something ...other ?